Who is DeShanna Neal

Hi, I'm DeShanna Neal.

I'm a life long Delawarean, born and raised in the city of Wilmington. Our motto is that Wilmington is a "Place to be somebody" and I always believed that about myself. I'm a wife, mother, and advocate. My life is one of intersectionality and I have made it clear to speak the truth on this.

I'm a black woman. I'm proud of this and I'm proud to be mother to four black children. Three of them are young black males and one is a black transgender teen girl. Knowing the statistics for them all means I share our family's story to hopefully change the narratives we see in media, politics, and other social media platforms. My goals are to ensure they are seen as equal, contributing citizens of this great city, state, and country.

My work into advocacy and activism started off on a very accidental foot. However, now that I am public with my story, I've been able to tell my story with organizations such as Human Rights Campaign, Trans United Fund, and National Center of Transgender Equality.

Now, I won't stop speaking for those who may not be heard. My intersectionality is what makes me someone who understands that representation MATTERS. I'm black, I'm poor, and I'm raising a trans girl of color along with three black boys in a world that can only see them a tragic statistics. Well, I say to that....

You mess with the mama bear, you're gonna get bit. 

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