Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ally is a verb

I never considered myself an ally. When Trinity said she was a girl and we listened to her, I didn't see that as anything other than being a parent loving their child regardless of who they were or loved. And to be honest, being new to the journey of raising a transgender child, my soul was far too sensitive to try and fight those against her and our family's choice.

But that was then....

And this is now and I've become what is known as an advocate. But more than that. I'm an ally. 

Ally is often referred to as a noun in our English dictionary, but for me, and many others that I look up to, it's a verb. 

Being an ally, means working hard to amplify and uplift the voices of marginalized groups without centering. This can be a difficult task and often gets lost. Being an ally, however, means getting lost often and learning from that moment. It means being uncomfortable. It means knowing there are going to be many who will say things that are so hurtful you want to hide in a hole and just protect you and yours. But then, you can't be an ally. You can be an advocate and if that's easiest, that's okay. No one saying it's wrong. 

Don't take that sentiment personal. It's how I feel. I'm simply saying, when you go from advocate to ally, you are usually going from you and yours to all. And yeah, sometimes that means you're going to tick off a few on the way down.

In the end, it does make a difference. For so many, including you and yours. 

Always ready
Leading a new way
Learning from mistakes
Yelling for inclusivity, diversity, and intersectionality


This Thursday evening at 7pm I'll be talking on a live stream for Black Lives Matter Boston. Would love to have many tune in for discussion about being a woman of color raising a transgender teen girl of color. 

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