Saturday, May 28, 2016

Humanity is....

As people of this amazing world, we should really take a step back and bask in the wonder of what we've become over time. I believe, however, many of us have forgotten how to do this and that's so very sad.

What is humanity? Where has the concept gone?

To me, humanity is about embracing the beauty of differences in us all. It's those variations that ultimately unite us as fantastic living beings. How does this idea coincide with gender identity? Let me explain.

I have four children. Three of my four children are lighter in complexion than my husband and I. Our third born, Hyperion is our complexion.

When Trinity was born, she was often called "Eskimo white."

Baby Trinity
Toddler Trinity

When Lu was born, he was considered "High yellow white", and when Thane was born, he was simply known as "White baby". Strangers assumed my husband was white and if they saw him, they assumed I slept with a white man.

When Hyperion was born, the comment from some was, "You finally got a black child."

Why am I sharing this? Because we come in all shades. We identify in so many ways. Saying that my children are "white babies" because they are lighter in complexion is wrong. They are beautiful black children. Just like saying my daughter is "a boy who became a girl" is wrong. She IS a girl.

Trin, Lu, and Thane are black. Them being lighter than their parents do not change that.

Hyperion is black. Him being darker than his siblings doesn't make him "more black" or a "real black" child.

Trinity is a girl. Her being assigned male at birth does not change that.

Trans women/girls ARE women/girls.
Trans men/boys ARE men/boys.

We are all wonderful creations. Creations are not made through a simple concept of singularity. Creation is a cornucopia.

Creation is humanity. Humanity is unique.

Humanity is everything. Humanity is beauty.

Humanity is....