Thursday, March 31, 2016

I see you. I fight for you. I love you. #TDOV

So, today, March 31 marks the Transgender Day of Visibility. This is big and yes, my post tend to be on the humorous side, but this is BIG. For so many and for so many reasons. Visibility is important. Especially if that visibility means possible hate and ignorance. My daughter is more visible now than she has ever been. I have this blog, but it's not hugely known or even that popular, however, in the last few months, I've felt a bigger need to share it with the world.

So, in the object of being transparent (see what I did there?), I'm writing this letter to her and to others who aren't so visible yet.

Dearest child,

I wake up everyday with the knowledge that I was given an awesome gift. I was given the opportunity to be your mom. Parenting isn't easy. It's a tangled web of crazy with a thread of "what did you just do?" all mixed in. Sometimes I cry, when I'm alone because we had a disagreement and I felt like I could have handled it better. Sometimes I cry, because I just look at you and think, "You chose me!" and I'm so happy.

You are my baby. Born from my body and you have taught me, life isn't always easy. You have shown me what strength looks like and that often times, it comes in those smallest packaging. But my sweet, wonderful child, I'm scared. And I need you to know if you're scared, that's okay. We can be scared together and we'll stand tall in our fear together too.

I will make mistakes along the way. I will fall a lot. However, in every mistake will be me correcting it twice as hard and for ever fall, I'll hold you on my shoulders so you can still reach the stars. That's all I can do as I'm sadly just a human.

My beautiful child, you are transgender and you are more powerful than you'll ever realize. Even if you think you've done little, just showing yourself and being visible, pushes courage into someone else. If you feel that's not enough, because you can't see it...know that with your visibility, your strength....

You've touched me and made me a better person. A greater person. So thank you. Thank you, my dearest, beautiful, wonderful child.

Love eternally,