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7 Things Not to Say to a Parent of a Transgender Child

Hello all! It's been a LONG time since I've posted here. We've been busy, living a normal busy life. Trinity is in her last year as a kid. She'll be 13 next year! Can't believe it. So far, we haven't needed to start blockers, but she does go back in September to see if it's time. Overall, everything has been pretty low key. So that's the update or lack thereof!

What this post is going to be about is the news all over. More and more now we're seeing kids and their supportive families coming out, celebrities. It's truly amazing. Sadly, where there is awareness to change, there are the comments. You know what I mean. Here are seven of the statements that one should really not say to the parent of a transgender child.

7. You know, I wanted to be a dog when I was a kid. 
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You know, this one is quite funny to me. I've heard it or read it somewhere so many times, I've come to the point that I can't even try to argue it. Let's get this straight, being a dog or "pretending to be a dog" when you were a kid isn't the same as gender. I'm certain, if you were told, "No Johnny or Samantha, you're not a dog", you didn't think about suicide and I'm very sure you weren't disowned or kicked out of your home because you "identified" as a domestic animal.

6. What your son/daughter needs is more mommy/daddy time.

Now, I won't disagree with this. Kids do need to have that special time with their parents. I mean, many studies shows this to be true. However, to say the only way to help a child who has a difference of gender identity is to place them with the parent of their birth assigned gender is just strange. Because, everyone knows, when mom/son or dad/daughter combos occur, those kids are destined to want to be the same gender as that parent. That's exactly how all of this works.

5. You're just letting the child have all the control in the parent/child relationship.

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There are many things we control in our kids' lives. Making sure the stay safe, hygiene, education. However, there are certain areas of a child's life that can not be controlled and gender identity is one of them. Gender identity isn't set at birth. In fact, it develops over time and is secured by age 4 ( So if you have a parent with a transgender child, there's a good chance they didn't control that kid's gender identity and vice versa. This is simply the child and that's what needs to be accepted.

4. Your child is just seeking attention.

No. Just no. A transgender child or teen already knows that life is difficult. I mean think about it, there are bedtimes, schoolwork, and that moment when you're into a cool part of your game and your battery dies! Crap, didn't save progress! That's the worse. Then, you add to that coming out as transgender. The bullying, loss of friends, and in some cases, loss of family and loved ones. Why would anyone, let alone a kid come out at all, knowing what could come from it, for the sake of attention? Seriously.

3. You're pushing your agenda on your son/daughter. 

Because, like number 4 being on the child, for number 3, a parent totally wants to make sure their child has a life filled with ignorant people, misgendering, bullying, and loss of those they care about. Yup. That's exactly what a parent wants. Push those agendas, parents!

2. I know gay people. 

Well, all I have to say to that is....

Really though, being gay is a person's sexual identity. Meaning who they are attracted to in a romantic way. Gender identity is the gender in which a person identifies whether it match their birth assigned gender or not. If you honestly believe a child, who have no inkling of sexuality in general is gay, that's a problem. Seek out a dictionary. 

And last, but not least.....

1. A child can't possibly know what gender they are. 

Uhhhh....Yeah, I got nothing for this one. Just ask yourself, when you knew. If you know that answer, then there you have it. 

So there you have it. 7 things, that I could think of, that you really shouldn't say to a parent of a transgender child. I'm sure there are more that I didn't even begin to touch on. Know any? Leave a comment! I'd love it. Thanks for reading!


Debbie R. said...

When I told my mother how her grandson was transgender, her advice was to feed my child more meat.

cerys ford said...

ah, that's what I did wrong then! my 18 year old trans son has been vegetarian since birth!

melisa goodwin said...

That was good to read it wish people wouldn't be so rude and ignorant

melisa goodwin said...

That was good to read it wish people wouldn't be so rude and ignorant

Don Dean said...

"Gender identity isn't set at birth." Actually for many it is set before birth. There is scientific proof that transgender peoples brain's are actually the gender they identify with.

Unknown said...
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Sophia Hawkins said...

Being transgender is biologically-rooted, but via the stages of development, gender identity (girls identify as girls and boys identify as boys, mind you) isn't SET until early childhood.

Yes, the compelling genetic factors were and are there, but the manifestation doesn't happen until several years or so after birth.

Do you understand? See, we all agree here. :)

(Posted again so I'm not anonymous)

Sophia Hawkins said...

And of course in addition to more direct genetic factors, there is the womb environment, in particular as it relates to waves of hormones.