Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'd be mad if I were you!

I've heard this a few times and I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't in the beginning of this journey. Don't get me wrong now. I wasn't angry with Trinity. My emotions had nothing to do with her, it was due to the fear of the unknown. If I would be able to protect her as a mother should, especially now. I hated the fact that I didn't notice before, didn't listen. I was angry that I didn't have the power to make it all better.

But now, when I hear this quote or see it written on a person's face, I shake my head a smile. I have nothing to be angry about. Bigotry and discrimination, yeah it bothers me, but hey, that's a sad world for anyone to live in and I feel more pity than anger. But that's not the only reason why my fears and anger have disappeared. It's because during our lives with Trinity, we have been blessed with understanding and extremely accepting doctors.

I know many who are in transition have difficulties finding medical professionals who are willing to help them and to me, it makes no sense. That's why I am always truly grateful when we have to visit a new doctor and I have to explain to them about my daughter (her name is still Xavier), they do not hesitate or bat an eye. Sure they may talk about it behind closed doors and that's their prerogative, but when we are in their presence, they are professional and kind.

We have a great team who all work with one another. So this post is a big thank you to not just Trinity's medical team but to all the ones that give their all to helping those in the LGBT community.

There's no need for me to be mad. Not anymore because with this great team by our side, working hard for Trinity and our family, all we can think of is the positive life she'll lead as she grows older.

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