Sunday, August 18, 2013

Getting to Boston...Can you help?

Trinity is growing before my eyes. It's amazing, wonderful, and downright scary all at the same time. She'll be hitting the double digits this October, the big 1-0. And while that comes with watching a new phase in her life begin, it's also bringing us a step closer to starting medical treatments to help her grow into a beautiful and happy young woman.

Give her a bright future.

But there are steps we have to take before any of that can happen for her. Which is why I'm reaching out to my readers, friends, whoever, to help us.

Times are tough for us all, this I understand, but I'm doing this alone now and I only want the best for all my children. Most of all, Trinity who's bravery shows no bounds.

Her endocrinologist here, is willing to aid us in this journey, but she will be his first transgender patient that's a child. He wants to do this the right way and would love to have guidance from Dr. Spack, lead pediatric endocrinologist in Boston who broke through the misguidance of many and has helped many transgender children.

Obviously, we don't live in Boston, but we need to see him and getting there won't be easy or cheap. For this dream to happen, I'm begging for any help. Just a little. I want to make this happen for Trinity more than anything. And time is growing short for her. Her endo believes that by the time she's 11, we'll have to start the testosterone blockers. A year can go by faster than we all know.

Please, read this, help if you can and share it with advocates. There is a donate button to her own special account.

Trinity, her brothers and I thank you for even taking the time to read the journey.

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