Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Forever loved. Forever missed.

This is still hard for me to even write, let alone believe but, our family dog, our sweet girl, Reba passed away Sunday morning. She had a tumor spreading so we knew this would be something that was going to happen. Only, we were planning on getting a second opinion that we could save her from the former one stating that she was too old to help.

We couldn't give up on her in such a way, especially if there was a chance to give her a bit longer. However, I learned that life often has other plans for you and Reba knew what she wanted for hers.

On Saturday night, we noticed that Reba seemed hesitant to sleep. She wouldn't leave my side (which was normal for her) but something was off. Right before bed, I stroked her head and smiled at her. I told her we'd see her in the morning and went to bed myself.

Sunday mornings are busy. We are usually in a rush and have to leave before 10. The kids woke up first and came to us to tell us that Reba had had an accident in the living room. We cleaned it up while she just laid on the floor watching us. I went back to finish getting dressed, while my husband took Reba for her morning walk.

We live on the third floor so it's hard on anyone, let alone an old girl like her. A few minutes later, I hear my husband screaming for me and as I walked from the room, I saw him laying her on the floor. She was limp and breathing with shallow breaths. She looked at me and I just knew what she wanted.

Her family there with her as she had been for us.

I called the kids and we all sat around her, petting her. With a little smile, she took her final breath and she was gone.

She was our rescue. We got her when my second born was just over 1 years old.  Reba changed our world and she will be forever in our hearts.

We love you Reba. We'll miss you always.

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