Sunday, January 20, 2013

Perfection is for wimps!

When I was a teen, I vowed to never have children. What good what it do for a child to have me as a mother, I wondered. Then I got a little older and I decided kids wouldn't be so bad, but dammit, don't give me a daughter! Selfish? No, just immature thinking.

Next came Trinity as Xavier and that was fun. Then Lucien. My two prides and joys. Sadly, I never expected that my life would go down a path of confusion, courage, and unconditional acceptance of reality.

Yes, my oldest child is transgender, not a very common thing in our world I'm sure. But she is and that's fine with us. But...when we told people, friends and family, in the beginning of the transition the comments were "you let your child dictate like that?" or "Of course this would happen in your life, Shauna".

Those statements bothered and still do bother me. My life, while being quite complicated, is also very real. And it's not always easy, instead because of the lack of support I've received, has lead me to feel unworthy of anyone's love and help.

My path has been difficult. From growing up with the abuse I suffered, having a transgender child, both children with disabilities, and just dealing. Well, it's no cake walk.

I often wish I could have the perfect life. I've wondered what that would be like but now I know, it's boring.

As outlandish my life tends to be, I embrace it. I don't have time for perfection. I'm far too stubborn and strong for that.

Perfection is for wimps! Trials are for the awesome!

I'm one tough cookie!

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