Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer is almost over so I thought I'd update!

You know, a lot has happened this summer for me and my family. I'm now a multi published author, my kids are still homeschooling, and my baby is getting bigger. There have been losses and gains, heartache and achievement. Life has been...well life.
Trinity turns 9 in October. I can't believe it honestly. I'm going to be the mother of a 9 year old! Wow. And what a great kid she is. Even when she's not in the best of moods, I still love her and that'll never change. Many things have come up during this year in regards to Trinity. We learned that she had begun puberty already. In Tanner stage 1 at only 8 years of age. Then we found out that we'll wait until she hits the second stage before we can start blockers.
Another thing is that she still has her learning disability. I don't think this is something that'll be overcome easily but I know together she and I will prevail. But know that just because my child is unable to communicate at the level of most her age, she knows who she is and that's all that should matter.
And that brings me to my main issue that I've not mentioned online because it's been everywhere. This problem with hate. I know some would say it's a right to have their opinions but, no, no it's not. It's a privilege to have it and use it with full knowledge of how it may affect those that hear it. It is a right to be respectful and a right to be accepting.
We were given the gift to love but lately, especially more than ever, something has happened to the love. It's gone. As a matter of fact, Trinity asked me, when seeing protests and such on tv, why were people so angry. Why did their parents not teach them to care for everyone, no matter how different they are? I didn't know how to answer her exactly so only told her that regardless of how someone else was taught, what I have taught her is all that matters.
When they hate you for being transgender, then you mentally love them more. Maybe the good vibes will help them learn to open their hearts more.
Now some would wonder, what makes something a "right" versus "privilege” and as I thought about it, I came to a pretty sound conclusion.

Right—something we are innately born with.
Privilege—something that is temporary and fluctuating.
Life is a privilege as it changes as we grow. Loving is the first thing we do as children. Even when a person says, “I'll never love again” they do because loving is just what we're programmed to do.
My daughter is a good heart who doesn't deserve to be disliked for being different. No matter what teachings a person receives, those are changeable. But even in them, the main idea is to love and that is the right people need to start displaying.

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