Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just a bit longer than we thought but still great news!

So today, Trinity had a full out well check up. The lead endocrinologist wants to make sure our insurance covers her medications 100%. The way to do that, she'd have to be at Tanner stage 3. I will post below the different stages so to better understand. After a thorough check, Trinity is officially in Tanner stage 2, which is the start of puberty. I can't believe that my 8 1/2 year old has started puberty. She's so young, you know? But, she's not quite there yet. We'll check each year, but they think by 10 or 11 she'll be truly ready to start her blockers. I'm fine with that and I'm glad to know the doctors have her best interest in mind. As well as our financial situation. Overall, it's a great day for Trinity.

Tanner stages

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momma said...

I'm glad you have dr.'s that really look out for her best interests.