Friday, February 10, 2012

A crack in a wall but not broken

To the confused minds,

I am writing to you, those who are looking at the world from your bubble, to beg you, ask you, to step out and open your eyes. Most days, I sit back and watch headlines of people bashing others, be it because of politics, sexual orientation, race, or gender and I say nothing. I try not to let it bring me down because I know in the end, good will prevail. And yet, it seems to be taking a much longer time and an even more disturbing turn as people who say they follow a faith of love, acceptance, and equality twist it around to being exclusive to those who need your strength the most.

Recently, I've been noticing that the people I hold dear, that I feel I don't mind having as friends in my life are maybe not the right ones to keep. Because even though, I may not know many in the LGBT community, I know some. In fact, one lives with me and like her, they all have a voice. My daughter, my sweet Trinity has a spirit, but she's still a child. Someone small and unable to defend herself in light of bigger, louder bullies. Yes, that's what these loud mouths are. They are no better than bullies. And as a mother, I will stand in their path and let their words fall on me.

My plea, is that I don't have to keep seeing such hate for people who only want to love and live as we all get to. I don't want someone calling my child a sin or perversion, because she had the courage to be who she was deep inside. And I want her to be in a world that will accept her as much as they accept me. I am her wall, but I crack and have been for some time. I refuse to break, however, because as a mother, that is not my job. My job is to keep her protected until the time is right to open my gate and let her free. And even then, a piece of me will still cover her as she walks through her life.

My husband said something that made so much sense to me the other night that I am going to share it to these people, to my readers, in hopes that the message will get out there. Of all faiths, the sole theory of humanity is that we are born for a purpose in life. We will touch someone and change their outlook. Sometimes it has not always been the best path, but most times it has been wonderful. When blacks were not seen as people, it was those courageous heroes and heroines that stood up and paved a way for people like me and, yes, our President, to get where we are now. I believe my husband and I were born and brought together just so that we could become the parents of Trinity. We love her with more than we could ever think and though we know not everyone will, we hope those folks we surround ourselves with won't have a problem doing so.

So, people who are scared of what could happen if we let gays marry. Or if women are given a choice of what they want for their bodies. Or even that our society is going down from the immorality that becomes its people (which I don't believe), answer me this......

Light of my life
How can SHE truly be the cause of it?

In peace and prosperity,


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momto5 said...

she can't. they hate for no other reason then that they fear. and instead of trying to understand and seeing her as a person they act like jerks. you inspire me to be strong and stand by my kids. you are a wonderful wall for your baby girl. she will grow and know the world isn't all hate because her folks love her so much.