Tuesday, January 31, 2012

They often say, no news is good news....

And that's actually very true. Other than normal, dealing with crazy tantrums, attitude, and funny kid jokes, nothing much has been going on in the wacky world of Trinity. She got some great stuff for Christmas and Yule. Things that she desired most of all according to her present list. I have to say, people in the family are as on board with this as they're going to be and gladly spoil her with the gifts she asks for now without so much as a complaint. At least not that I know of. Here are some pictures of things going on with my little girl. Can you all believe she'll be 9 this year?!

Trinity's Yule gift

Trinity wanted a dollhouse so bad. Monster High dolls and a car too. She loves this darn thing LOL.
So, here's to a new year of new possibilities. I know she's getting older and soon, the talk of medications are going to come soon. But for now, we're just enjoying watching her grown, learn, and just live life the way any child should.

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