Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let there be light!!

More and more families are coming out with having a child who is transgender. And honestly, I'm flippin' glad! The more this happens, the better people will see it's not a phase or fad and that gender and sex are two different things all together! I'm going to break it down and also post this great article that is hitting the internet by storm.

  1. Sex- depends on what you mean, but if not physically having it with someone, this is your sexual orientation. This does not usually become prevalent until puberty starts. 
  2. Genitalia-Not your sex, no matter what people say. The correct term is genitalia and it refers to what you are born with. You don't hear them say, "This child has ambiguous sex." Do you?
  3. Gender-Who you are. What you feel. Your gender is what your soul deems you to be (Trinity's words) and if your soul says, "I am a girl" or "I am a boy" then that's what you follow. In other words, the soul trumps the genitalia and sex doesn't matter until you're old enough for it to do so.
Take these three points to heart as they are very important to understanding our children, my child. And maybe, with time, in her future, she will not be seen as a transgender person. She will be equally a strong and beautiful woman. 

Great article!

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right freakin' on!!! love this. love you!