Friday, November 25, 2011

The only mistake I see, is your inability of acceptance

Something today got me thinking, what is a mistake and who makes them? When it came out that Trinity was a transgender child, I found the most common comment was "What? God doesn't make mistakes!" Two things I found interesting about this assertion. 1. I didn't mention God. and 2. My child is not a mistake. That being said, I get tired of the very idea that everyone in the world is a Christian. I am not. I am Pagan. I am proud of that. I have friends that are Christian. I'm proud of that. Those friends accept my baby girl and do not see her as a mistake. She is a child, an individual, a human being.

So again, on the topic of mistakes, what is a mistake and who makes them. The answer: People with stupid things to say and the very same who choose to not accept that there is a world of diversity outside their little bubble. Now I'm not perfect, never want to be honestly (sounds like too much work), but I do make an effort to learn something different, then accept it for being so. Who am I to tell anyone or anything that because I'm not like that, they don't matter, belong, and are therefore, a mistake. A mistake that my precious Goddess could not possibly have made. Obviously, she made my daughter for who she is. She made her unique, special, and down right adorable (sometimes crazy).

Acceptance is crucial to being a good person, to teaching our youth how to be amazing citizens. Tolerance is a lazy excuse. Yeah it works, for awhile, but eventually you have to bite the bullet and either fully accept or just admit you're not diggin' it. The question we have to ask ourselves in the end of it all, is are we willing to embrace difference or do we continue to open our mouths and allow mistakes to come out of them?

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