Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's wrong with your uterus?

There are plenty of questions that I've gotten, most genuine and sincere, when it comes to being a mom of a transgender child. I love them, I love educating people in hopes that they will have more compassion and empathy for those who live in a world that more often that not is unfavorable of anything or anyone that is different. However, I have received the stupid questions that are just those that think they're funny when in fact they are being jerkwads. Is it my place to educate them. Yes, it still is. Does it matter? No. They don't want to learn. They don't care. Well, maybe some do, but most don't. One of the more ridiculous questions I've received has been "What's wrong with your uterus?" and there is a reason for this. By the way, most who have asked this are not strangers but close family.

I have three children. Trinity is my oldest child and then after her, I have two sons. Yes, Trinity was born my son, but she's not anymore. Lucien, my middle child, has behavioral issues. Nothing that can't be fixed. And Hyperion, is still an infant so who knows what he'll grow into. When I was pregnant, I was asked, if I was worried about having something "wrong" with my baby. I wasn't thinking that far. I was worried about kick counts and such. Why would any mother want to have an added worry about something being wrong with her unborn baby? I politely asked why would I be worried? The answer: Well you have problems with the others. Especially the oldest. It's obvious that there's something wrong with your uterus that you keep having babies with issues.

Wow, uh okay. I never saw my kids as having severe issues that wasn't easy to work with. But it would seem that others believed I did. In fact, they questioned if I thought it was such a good idea to even have a baby given my previous circumstances. Yes I thought and still think that having a baby was a GREAT idea. I hope to have more in the future. More and more babies. It's hard you know, so hard and painful that I hear this. It's hard. I'm going to break this down for any who comes by this blog and think, "That woman is crazy for letting her CHILD make such a decision." I've had my own therapist say that to me! He actually told me that he couldn't have me as a patient because I allowed my child to be who she wanted to be. I say to him, "Dude, you can suck it!"

This is to you out there, the one who looks down at me. Who thinks my children are not any other child out there just because they are different. Different is beautiful. So, you all, let me say. My uterus is very much fine. I have healthy, happy, beautiful children that came from my body. My children are not weird, they're not freaks of nature. They are kids, and they are mine. When you talk about me, you think you hurt me, and you do a bit, but it also makes me stronger. When you talk about my kids, you will not hurt them. Because I am a rock and I will stand before them to grow while your words bounce off. And as they watch me be a rock, they too grow strong and fierce. You ask, what's wrong with your uterus? I say, nothing other than it being the breeding ground for extraordinary human beings. So take that and chew on it.