Friday, May 13, 2011

If your definition of being a parent is that I'm wrong, I'm sorry for you

Happy belated Mother's Day everyone out there. I wish I could say mine was great, but it was not. It was awful because the people who I usually look up to decided to treat me like I was a second class citizen. My parenting was brought into question and the focus was pretty much surrounding Trinity. My sisters both bombarded me with the, "Don't let children make their own choices." and the, "God made us parents to make our children obey." And of course, because I allowed  opened my heart for Trinity to be who she is now, I am the worse of the worse as a mother. I will never say I'm a perfect mother, I don't even believe I'm a great mother, but to say that me stepping back and trusting in my child to know her own gender makes me undeserving of being a mother is a bit over the top.

It really hurt me, as they continued to tell me how I failed in my parenting from homeschooling to discipline and I honestly felt like I was. I told my husband about it and I spoke with my mother about it. They both reassured me that this was not the case, and it did take a few days to forget and now I'm just sorry for them. I watch as their adult children rebel and do not come to them to talk. I don't have that issue and you know what? Maybe that's what makes me the mother Trinity needs, which for her, is pretty damn good.

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Maru Uni said...

You are doing a fantastic job! My mom got accused of being my friend more than my mom, butout of all the "adults" i had had in my life, she is the only one I will talk to and tell everything. I know she will always love me and be there for me. I have starined relationships with the rest of them. She will grow up knowing that you are always there for her and always accept her for who she is. She knows you will always believe her. That is worth it. I value that with my mom above everything else. :)