Monday, April 25, 2011

This hate needs to stop

There is not much to say about how I feel about this. I fear many times over about Trinity's future, but I know she'll have it easier. Mostly because she'll not have to fear the changes of her body due to puberty. She has brothers and parents that love and protect her. I wish I could hold this beautiful young lady in my arms. I wish I could go back to the day and wrap myself around her and hide her from the pain. I can't unfortunately, but I will do it for my beautiful daughter in place of that. And maybe, just maybe, the tightness of my embrace and the amount of love might spread to this girl as well as others feeling the pain of hate.

Attack on transgender woman

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momma said...

Trinity is loved so much. Maybe her story will help others learn. Even if just one person can be changed by her story you should be proud. The love you and your husband and other children give her will outweigh any bad I am sure. Hugs to you and your amazing little Trinity.