Friday, January 7, 2011

If it's taken you this long, you really have problems

My little girl will be 8 years old this October and that would make it going on 5 years that she has said she was a girl and 3 years since transitioning. When it comes to change, it takes 30 days to break a habit and adapt. I'm going to say that 3 years surpasses 30 days, yet my family still has "trouble" accepting and remembering pronouns.

I'm sick and tired of correcting, trying to make Trinity understand people make mistakes. Well no more, because these aren't mistakes, these are calculated ways of hurting her and our family. Saying things like, "Well she was pushed into this." or "Xavier, I mean..." aren't accidents after 3 LONG years.

No more will I allow this and now when it happens, I'll give them a piece of my mind and then throw them out of my house and life until you can get their act together. I am a mother to a beautiful little girl, nothing less than that. And I will be protecting her from as many negative things as possible, including those closest to her.

That is all.