Sunday, January 9, 2011

I won't stop loving you, even on my weaker days


A mom, that is what I am, but I am also a human who has her weaknesses. Yes, this is not something you want to hear and know, but I will not want to have you think otherwise. I want you to understand that weakness on my part is my way of taking time to understand more. Taking time means better awareness. Better awareness means strength in advocacy. And I do this all for you. 

Weakness is strength. And when I have my moments of weakness, when you see my tears glistening in my eyes, know, who you are is not the reason. I love you, I always will. It will never cease. You are my all. You are my heart. You are my courage. So when I have my moments of weakness, know that when I look at you, I regain my strength.

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