Monday, December 20, 2010

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better!

Workshops aren't just for little boys you know. I actually took shop in high school and was the only girl there. I told this to Trinity when she started to feel ashamed that she loved building things and paper airplanes. Well, I let her know that I too enjoyed those things, that everyone enjoys those things and now, she's been learning to build airplanes and got a great building set.

This is something I've mentioned before and feel it needs repeating. A toy is a toy. The fact that companies separate toys based on gender is stupid and does a great disservice to the complexity of humanity. If your little boy wants a doll, get him one. I assure you, we have enough rough and tumble, I don't care about the feelings of others men out there and maybe a sensitivity with masculinity is what now needs to be encouraged. And if your little girl wants a Tonka truck and fireman costume, then get it! Girls can do those things when they become women too you know!

So even in this short blog post, remember, anything anyone can do, as parents, we can always encourage better. Have a happy holiday everyone!

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