Friday, October 29, 2010

Another year, she's 7!

On October 28th, Trinity turned 7 years of age. She had a lovely princess party, with plates and cups of pink with tiaras and glitter everywhere. Of course, she wore a princess sash, a pink tiara, matching necklace, and wand. What more could a little girl want? How about a pink themed breakfast? She was so happy that all she could say was how much she loved me and her father and how happy she was because she was becoming a big girl.

Big girl. It is interesting still to hear those words come from her mouth and still have people doubting that children could even have the possible idea that they know who they are inside. I do not think it's as hard as most say it is, it's just taboo and what we find as strange, we don't believe. Even when it's in front of our very eyes. To take that leap and clear the cobwebs of fear will lead to a life much easier than fighting to always keep the shades down.

So happy birthday Trinity. Glad you had a blast :D

The princess has arrived!

Pink princess themed breakfast

Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing, pink glitter gel and white pearl candies

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