Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Year two is on its way

I can't believe it, but soon, my Trinity will be celebrating her 2nd birthday of affirmation. She is so special to us and because of her, as a family, we are slowly understanding what true courage is. But I do still wonder, what will her life be as she grows older and begins to question her body even more? I know that we will be prepared with whatever help she'll need, but it doesn't get to me still.

People tell me that we're strong, amazing, great. I honestly don't think so. I am just a parent who hates knowing that something as simple as gender identity, which is not up to the parent, can create sadness in her. Why would I want that? I understand that there will be days when she's just angry with me and I'm fine with that, hell, that's unavoidable, but it's not unavoidable to let my child live as she is and as who she is.

We're getting prepared for the big day, as money is tight, and today Trin got to get a bikini. Last year she wore a one piece because she was still uncomfortable with having her body exposed, but now, she's ready to not care. Why? Because she IS a girl, nothing other than that. Cute little pink bikini with pink flip flops that has a flower by the toe.

A princess day at the beach sounds fun and will be for us. No one needs to know what's going on between my child's legs. She will have her fun, we all will. My daughter, my Trinity.

Keep an eye out for the two year post as there will be before and after pictures of my child. This was not a made up thing as I can assure you, this is NO life any parent would force upon their child. This is not a phase. My child's depression is going to be very visible in those before pictures, but you will love the light in her face just days after being allowed to be her.

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Tisha said...

hey I saw your comments on the women uncensored blog on facebook and I wanted to applaud you for your diligence in protecting your baby girl and allowing her to be happy despite social norms. I know it is not easy and although I cannot begin to imagine the troubles you face I want you to know you have the undying support of this stranger :)