Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Transgender? How about not...

My daughter Trinity is different than most little girls. How is that? Well, she is what society calls transgender. But what is she when you see her? She's a girl, a six year old little girl. Nothing more, nothing less. I chose to not let my daughter live by labels.

She already knows that she's special, but I will not, as her mother and advocate allow her to think she anyone other than just Trinity.

A few weeks ago, we watched a show on child pageants and my daughter found herself loving the dresses. She turned to me and said she wouldn't mind doing a pageant one day and see if she could get a trophy or princess crown. I said, I didn't know if the judges would let her do it and she looked at me and said, "Why not? I'm just as much a girl as they are."

I realized that, though my daughter knows that she has a certain boy part, it doesn't make her a boy. She knows that what she feels in her very heart, with every fiber of her being, she is a girl and can do anything they can do too.

My daughter is a package with the label girl, and if anyone believes otherwise about her, or other children and people like her, then maybe they are the ones that need to label themselves.