Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is there ever really an end?

Being the parent of a transgender child is something that will always stay with you and I can not end this without the thought that my story could possibly help someone with questions. My daughter is my inspiration for strength. She is a true heroine in her small 6 year old body.

She had a grand Christmas, getting the dollhouse and vanity table she wanted. Which means makeup on her little brother as he has no say. It's not nearly has hard when I find an extra picture of her before her transition, and throwing it away doesn't bother me much either.

When my family shops for her, they no longer have a hard time with it as well which has made life much easier. It's good to have a strong support system when going through life with this disorder, though I still do not believe it to be one. One day she will not be in the DSM and will just be a person who is a bit different. But aren't we all?

Her brother loves her, we love her, and anyone that meets her, loves her! So welcome back to my blog. I do hope you enjoy reading my journey.

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