Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sometimes it can just break your heart

The other day, Trinity was playing princess and pirate with her little brother, Lucien. They were having a good time. While they were playing, I was having conversation with Chris. We were quietly talking about all that had changed over the past years with both our children and it just so happened, Trinity overheard us call her a boy.

She was quite upset and corrected us. And we realized, she's almost six and very much aware of things so it was time to tell her a little bit about her medical condition. We told her that when she was born, she was a little boy just like her little brother, but her heart and soul was a little girl's. She listened intently and waited until we finished then said,

"Maybe I had a boy body, but I've never been a boy."

And she ran off to play again. It's just amazing and sometimes breaks our hearts because we know that as she gets older, we will have to tell her again and again, until she finally does understand. But for now, she is just simply a little girl. No more, no less.

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Anonymous said...

I think she gets it.
Her gender identity has always been "girl".
Never boy. Her mind thinks like, and believes it is, a biological female brain.

Her birth sex was "boy" but that's irrelevant to her.
I'd continue to encourage her to keep correcting people who try and tell her that she's a boy, and she'll understand how to argue the difference between sex assigned at birth, gender identity and gender expression as she grows up.

You have a lovely blog, thank you for sharing your daughter's story with the Internet.